Q1. How do I become a registered member?
Ans. • Registering with our portal is an easy process.Click on the 'Register' link on the top and fill the 'Become a member now' form .On submitting the form, an email will be sent to the given email with the Login credentials.


Q2 . What if I forget my Login/Password?
If you have forgotten your Login password, enter your email id in the 'Forgotten your Password' in the 'Sign In' page And Your password will be sent to your email id.


Q3. How can I change my Password?
Sign in to your account. Click on the 'Change Password' link and reset your password.


Q4. How do I edit my account information or change my password?
Sign in to your account.Click on the 'Profile Settings' link and edit your account information.


Q5. How do I Log off from my account?
Click on the 'Sign Out' link.After clicking 'Yes' in the confirmation message, you will be logged out from the site.


Q6. How can I Book a Ticket?
You have to send reservation slip for new booking than we will revert other wise you can also call us on Our mobile no.


Q7 . Can you confirm our wait list pnr ?
Yes ,we can get confirm that pnr for this pl send your request in Form for consulting about existing PNR


Q8. Is it possible to get a copy of my e-ticket in my email?
Yes , this facilities is available , you can get ticket on email and can travel with original id proof mentioned in ticket along with with print / screen shout of this ticket


Q9. Is it possible to get SMS of this ticket ?
Yes ,this facilities is also available ,you can travel wth SMS Along with original id proof provided by you


Q10. How do I make payment for my booking?
You can deposit payment in our bank account which is mentioned separately.


Q11. How do I cancel a Ticket?
You can call us or can email us on our email address for cancel request .


Q12. What is the maximum number of seats I can book?
The maximum number of Adult+Child Passengers allowed in a single PNR is 6 in genral quota ticket and 4 passanger in tatkal quota but you can book more ticket with different pnr .


Q13. What if I misspelled my name while booking a ticket,How do I get it changed?
In this regard you can contact the office. The contact details are available in the 'Contact us' section of the portal.